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Product Review: Elta Creme Pound Jar 16.0 oz - <b>Elta Creme</b> provides the highest level of concentrated protection and hydration for problem skin areas. Elta Creme melts on contact, penetrating skin cell layers to provide superior long term moisturizing. Use daily on any skin area requiring the highest level of moisturizing protection.<br><br>Elta Creme is the leading product in hospital burn centers, radiation oncology and for diabetic dry skin conditions. This includes legs and feet, but not between the toes. Clinical studies have demonstrated it is safe for all skin types, non-comedogenic, sensitivity and fragrance-free, latex-free and contains no preservatives. | EltaStore.com
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Jennifer P from Round Rock, TX on May 20, 2011
Shopping Experience: I LOVE this product! My daughter (now 7 years old) has had eczema since the age of 2 and this is the only over the counter product that has helped. It does not burn/sting when applied which is a big plus for areas where the skin has broken due to excessive scratching. Unlike the prescription meds which can only be applied once or twice daily, this lotion can be applied multiple times which has been very helpful for in the middle of the night flair-ups.