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Product Review: Elta Block SPF 30 (Water Resistant) 3.0 oz - <b>Elta Block</b> contains micronized zinc (Z-Cote &#174;) for broad spectrum UV-A protection, as well as chemical sunscreens (methoxycinnamate and octyl salicylate) for UV-B protection.<br/><br/>Elta Block 30 is a combination block and light moisturizer for daily use on face, hands and arms; it is excellent under makeup. Use in conjunction with Retin-A therapy, with photosensitive medications, and after plastic surgery to protect and moisturize. Strong UV-A coverage can help stop photo-aging from sun rays.<br/><br/>Elta Blocks are PABA-free and safe for sensitive skin. | EltaStore.com
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Jodi B from South Padre Island , TX on Jul 8, 2011
Shopping Experience: My husband and I windsurf so find ourselves in the water and sun A LOT. We are both fair skinned and light eyed so it isn't easy to make sure we don't get sunburned or skin damaged. When we use this sunscreen we NEVER get burned. This stuff doesn't sting your eyes - amazing! It's an awesome product and we both highly recommend it.