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Product Review: Elta Block SPF 32 (Daily Wear) 8.0 oz - <b>Elta Block</b> contains micronized zinc (Z-Cote &#174;) for broad spectrum UV-A protection, as well as chemical sunscreens (methoxycinnamate and octyl salicylate) for UV-B protection.<br/><br/>Elta Block 32 is a combination block and light moisturizer for daily use on face, hands and arms; it is excellent under makeup. Use in conjunction with Retin-A therapy, with photosensitive medications, and after plastic surgery to protect and moisturize. Strong UV-A coverage can help stop photo-aging from sun rays.<br/><br/>Elta Blocks are PABA-free and safe for sensitive skin. | EltaStore.com
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Matteys Mom on Aug 18, 2012
Pros: Lightweight, dries clear, moist but not greasy or sticky, easily absorbed, works great under foundation & with makeup. I also purchase the 3 oz. tube for travel.
Cons: None
Shopping Experience: Very good with Elta Store, once I was able to find it again online! It didn't come up in my initial search. Ordering is easy & efficient & I appreciate the free shipping with $39 order.

I WOULD love some free sample s of other Elta products to try.