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Product Review: Elta Lite Lotion Pump 8.0 oz - Use <b>Elta Lite Lotion</b> for daily moisturizing of face, hands and body. Elta Lite is especially effective immediately after your shower or bath.<br/><br/>Elta Lite lotion adds water to the skin, then uses the unique Elta Creme base to provide a watertight moisture barrier. This barrier substitutes for the skin's natural oil, delivering twice the long term moisturizing properties of other leading brands.<br/><br/>Elta Lite is safe for sensitive skin, non-comedogenic and fragrance free. | EltaStore.com
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Julia A on Nov 6, 2012
Pros: Great light-weight lotion! I use it year-round but especially in the winter!
Shopping Experience: Customer service was very helpful in setting up my order and I like being able to buy these in bulk so I never run out and so I can take advantage of your free shipping!